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Stove Installation FAQs


How does it work?

InstaHeat provides a modern solution to purchasing a new stove for your home. With our easy to use website, you can get an instant quote from a selection of stoves for you to choose from depending on your needs. Once a quote is generated our team will be in touch to arrange a home survey prior to installation. 

If you are still unsure about anything you can always pick up the phone or send us an email, we will be more than happy to help!

‘Smoky and Smelly’ New Stoves Are Normal

Because the paint is curing, you’ll get a faint ‘haze’ of smoke in the room. In some cases you may have to open the window. Again, this is perfectly normal, as is the slightly weird oily-type smell. This is a byproduct of not only the stove paint curing, but the oils on the liner burning off. Oil is used during the production process, so will be discharged when heat is applied.

Can I overnight burn?

We know how massively tempting it is to want to keep the fire ‘in’ to ensure it’s still warm in the morning. But most new stoves simply aren’t designed for this. If you try it, you’ll be producing tonnes of smoke, and be slowly damaging your metal flue liner. Why? Because you’re starving the fire of the very thing it needs to work efficiently – oxygen. It’s much better all round to simply let the fire go out at night and relight it the following morning. By doing this, you’re saving money, reducing emissions and causing fewer potential future problems for your chimney.

Will a stove save me money?

You may have wondered if stoves save you money on your energy bill and we are here to tell you yes, they can! According to some wood-burner devotees, a wood-burning stove can get energy bills by around 20%.

How much does it cost?

We offer stove installation packages from £1895.

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